Deliciously Ella

On a particularly bad day, I was Googling POTS and things that could help with it. That’s when I came across Ella Woodward was bedridden and diagnosed with POTS at 19. Eventually she gave up all meat, dairy, sugar, gluten and anything processed to start a whole-foods, plant-based diet. In less than two years, she was able to go off all her medication and actually live her life. On her bog, she shares recipes that are good for you and actually great tasting. She also has an app and a book. Her story was the final straw in me giving up refined sugar (I had already been gluten free for a few years) and limiting additives. It’s encouraging to know that someone else has done this and it helped. Reading her story and her struggle really hit home for me.

Obsessed with this book!
Obsessed with this book!

I have been trying out some of the recipes from her blog and book, and have been absolutely loving them!! I made the Fresh Spring Rolls with Mango Sauce for my whole fam (well, at least I tried, but ended up having to lay on the floor and my mom finished), they couldn’t get enough! Today I decided to try the Raw Brownies.

Ingredients for Raw Brownies
Ingredients for Raw Brownies

They were super easy to make and I have to force myself to stop eating them. Seriously, they taste so good, and it’s even better because I know that I’m not putting bad things in my body. Check out how to make them at  or .

Raw Brownie
Raw Brownie

This lifestyle change is hard, but it’s so worth it. I already have more energy and have had less stomach pain. I want to thank everyone encouraging me in my fight, especially my mom who is making diet changes also to support me and who always helps me to shore when I get in over my head. Plus, a big thanks to Ella Woodward whose words and recipes have encouraged me so much!

Baking in my homemade apron.
Baking in my homemade apron.

2 thoughts on “Deliciously Ella

  1. I am definitely going to be checking her out! I am a huge advocate of managing this naturally, I have been doing so effectively for the past year. I am always on the look out on ways to be even more on top of staying well with POTS. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤


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